Freitag, 9. August 2013


Aquarell 2014   61 x 46 cm
painting, waterc
or, aquarell, elephant, flowers,kingfisher, bluebells, lotosf,lower, flowerpower
Lotos - Symbol des Universums
Die "Rainbow" auf der Meerstrasse des Mondes

Portrait, watercolor ,Aquarell ,
Selbstportrait c: Edda Sörensen

Der strenge Blick des Bademeisters  c: Edda Sörensen

Aus der Serie "powerflower" c: Edda Sörensen

Trauben-Trio c: Edda Sörensen 

Aus der Serie "powerflower" c: Edda Sörensen

Detail - Ansicht c: Edda Sörensen

Airavata mit neuer Decke c: Edda Sörensen


Cat hat gesagt…

Beautiful, Edda ...all beautiful. I love them; so colorful. I want to add these to my bloglist but I don't know how but somehow I will learn eventually.

Axel hat gesagt…

"Vision" - It is clear that horns, antennae, and cat's whiskers grow along lines of force. I wonder if that is what we lost when we left Eden.

Weisser Elefant - Edda Sörensen hat gesagt…

Oh, we havent lost those "antennas", Axel, we are just no more aware that we own them, because we live now for to long a time under the rule of logic (only the left side of our brain) in neglecting our intuition (right side of our brain)our knowledge about ourselfs got quite out of balance I think. Thats probably why so many people get nuts (just see the unbelievebel amount of shrinks in our society).